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Weston Media presents "Leaf them on the Ground" and the "Lasagne Method" for replacing lawn and controlling/removing invasive plants. 

Featured Videos/Webinars

Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others....

This film by HHMI BioInteractive explores the work of ecologists Robert Paine and James Estes who first documented the role of keystone species in ecosystem regulation. The early studies of Paine and Estes were the inspiration for hundreds of subsequent investigations on how population sizes are regulated in a wide variety of ecosystems. 

Lincoln Land Conservation Trust presents a Bumblebee Identification Video 

In this video, created and filmed by The Natural World for the Lincoln Land Conservation Trust, you'll meet seven species of bumblebees that were observed in Lincoln during the summer of 2020. Through beautiful footage, viewers learn how to identify these bumblebees, and think about functional diversity as well as pollinator abundance, in making their own backyard observations

Dr. Doug Tallamy presentation based on his celebrated new book, Nature's Best Hope ©2021

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