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Promoting ecosystem health through wild pollinator and native plant conservation. 

Make Way for Pollinators is a WPPA community-wide initiative that seeks to inspire Weston's residents to build and preserve diverse communities of native pollinators and plants in their yards, neighborhoods, and public spaces. 


Creating a thriving environment for wild pollinating animals is as simple as using our Native Plant Lists and following  the tips in our Pollinator Survival Guide


The path to ecosystem health and sustainability 

begins with individual

steps we take at home. 

The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates how quickly we can make changes that protect ourselves, our families, and each other. For the well-being of the natural world, it's imperative we act similarly, and quickly, to preserve the diversity of native pollinator animals and plant species which sustain the richness of the ecosystems that support other wildlife and us. 

Become a Pollinator Host 

Use our Pollinator Survival Guide and Native Plant Lists to start "making way for pollinators!"


Working together, we can solve the pollinator crisis, one garden, one yard, one community at a time. 

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